Copper Tube is used in many applications where corrosion cannot be tolerated. The applications include water purification systems, household water pipes, condensers, heat exchangers, boilers and air conditioning system. The copper material is naturally anticorrosive. It can withstand hard water and soft water without having corrosion for long periods of time. Due to the lower oxidation rates of copper, it is also used in gas lines. The copper tube in gas lines avoids the gas reacting with the metal due to the anticorrosive nature. Copper is a less reactive material under room temperatures. There are different kinds of copper and alloys used in the industry.

There are type K, M, L and DWV copper pipes. These types correspond to different mechanical properties. Since the type K has the highest wall thickness of all types, it is preferred for high pressure applications and gas lines. Copper has less strength compared to steel material but it is very ductile. In case of a pressure or impact, copper dents instead of cracking. This adds to the safety of the gas lines. The type k copper tube is also used to bring in underground gas and water lines into buildings. Due to the less corrosive nature and wall thickness, copper tubes underground will remain intact for long time. The cold drawn seamless pipes are used for accuracy, less friction and ease of use in such systems. The copper seamless tube price is very much affordable compared to other material pipes.

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