Lingam erotic massage is a unique experience every man should try. Lingam massage is an amazing tantric procedure that primarily focuses on male genitalia. Its main goal is to awaken male sexual energy.

This erotic practice has ancient roots, and it has sacred significance for male health and well-being. Let’s find out what Lingam massage is and why it is useful.

What is this?

In the tantric spiritual tradition, the word “lingam” means the penis. It is translated as “rod of light.” The penis is a symbol of fertility and prosperity, so in most ancient cultures it is treated with reverence. The opposite practice for women, implying vaginal stimulation, is called Yoni massage.

The purpose of Lingam’s massage is to give pleasure to the whole body, with a focus on the main organ of love. During the session, every cell in the male body gets into sensual arousal. Such keen enjoyment can rarely be experienced in life.

But the main outcome of the practice is not ejaculation, but reaching a new level of sensuality and sexuality. Besides, the massages provide health benefits as well.

It’s not just masturbation

During the massage session, movements and touches fill the body with energy, provoking orgiastic reactions that differ from the usual ejaculation. The result of practice is a kind of “dry” multiple orgasms of a man.

Hand movements during the procedure have nothing to do with ordinary masturbation: it affects the contraction of the penile muscles by rhythmic movements. During the procedure, there is a complete integration of sensations: touches help spread consciousness throughout the body and concentrate it in the genitalia.

Lingam massage pluses

Now let’s focus on the positive impact of tantric practices on health. The pluses of this practice are the following:

  • Providing energy inflow and “dry” orgasm.
  • Increasing potency, improving erectile function.
  • Preventing early ejaculation.
  • Significantly improving the hormonal background.
  • Fighting stress and depression.
  • Improving blood circulation by providing a stable erection; normalizing the outflow of lymph.
  • Increasing awareness and spirituality.
  • Removing internal barriers and clamps, eliminating complexes.
  • Providing an incomparable pleasure.

All in all, the procedure teaches to control sexual energy and manage sensual impulses. For example, if the masseuse notices that a man is close to orgasm, she stops. This is repeated 5-6 times per session. After a few sessions, you will learn to control premature ejaculation.


The practice involves three stages:

  1. Massage of hands, legs, back, the abdomen is performed.
  2. Erogenous zones caressing: the pubis, inner thighs, perineum.
  3. Direct penis massage, which results in a powerful happy ending.

All in all, Lingam massage is not similar to sex or masturbation. This is art, a complex of sensual influences on the penis, that helps to feel sexual energy, restore energy balance and improve male health. In SweetTouch Paris, an unforgettable lingam procedure can be enjoyed. SweetTouch masseuses in Valencia are the most beautiful and skillful in Spain, so come try it and you will be pleasantly surprised by the level of services.

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