Removing snow by Ninja De-Icer for example from the sidewalk in front of your home is challenging; snow removal must be carried out all along the dwelling. Avoid blocking gutters, gutters, or pipes by pushing snow away. Find our 7 most effective tips for clearing snow quickly and well in front of your home:

  1. Scrape Snow

First and foremost, scrape off the snow as quickly as possible, using a steel shovel, before it melts, freezes, or forms ice.

  1. Spread Non-Slip Materials

After clearing the snow, spread sand, ash, or wood chips so as not to slip, you can also use salt on surfaces where snow has been raked.

  1. Do Not Overuse Salt

Salt damages the roots of your plantations! Prefer sand to clear snow near your garden and not damage your winter plants.

  1. Roll The Snow

If the snow is powdery, form a snowball and then roll it. The ball will grow, picking up the snow in its path and allowing you to form a cleared path. You will also get large balls perfect for a snowman.

  1. Use A Trick From Canada

Sugar beet juice is often used in Canada to thaw roads. Difficult to find this product in large quantities in France, but it is a solution for small areas.

  1. Coffee Grounds: An Excellent Non-Slippery

Spreading coffee grounds is very effective in preventing skidding on snow or ice. It replaces salt very well.

  1. Do Not Throw Boiling Water On The Snow

Never pour hot water on snow; it will turn to ice. In addition, this ice could clog gutters, gutters, and pipes.

Winter is here! Depending on where you live, you may have experienced a snowy episode during this new season. Or may the snow only arrive in a few weeks? Anyway, the editorial staff gives you its 6 economical solutions for clearing snow in front of your home. Prevention is better than cure, as the famous saying goes, so anticipate the coming snowfall and don’t let yourself be caught off guard.

In this case, you must clear the sidewalk in front of your accommodation. It is recommended that you salt this part afterward. Whether you are the owner or the tenant, this obligation is incumbent on you unless you depend on a co-ownership trustee and the latter has been appointed responsible for this operation.

If you do not clear snow in front of your home, you can be fined. In the event of an accident, you may be held liable in a procedure, so it is better to play the game of snow removal with rock salt bags.

If no municipal by-law provides for snow removal:

In the absence of a municipal decree specifying the conditions for snow removal to be carried out, the town hall will then be responsible. In certain situations, the responsibility of the town hall can therefore be engaged in the event of an accident. But be courteous and plan to clear snow in front of your home; it’s always nicer.

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