Travelling to new destinations is very fulfilling, especially for the wanderers who like exploring new cities and countries to learn about different cultures and try new cuisines.

It is an excellent opportunity to grow personally and professionally by networking with people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, one thing that can easily disrupt your travel plans is the need for the right travel insurance plan.

Travelling to any new destination without a travel insurance policy can be an expensive affair. Predicting different uncertainties that can occur before or during the trip is impossible. However, safeguarding your trip from such uncertainties is possible only with a proper travel insurance cover.

You can purchase a single or multi-trip plan. If you are looking to travel with your family, you can also purchase of family travel insurance plan to safeguard the trip for every family member together under one policy.

One of the most common situations which require maximum support from a travel insurance policy is trip cancellation. Let us discuss all about it in this blog.

 What Is Trip Cancellation Cover?

As part of most travel insurance policies, trip cancellation coverage is included. To understand what travel cancellation insurance entitles, you need to look into the different events that are covered as part of the reasons behind trip cancellation first. The list of events include:

 Unexpected Death Of Family Member

If your trip is interrupted or cancelled due to the unexpected death of a family member, your travel insurance policy will extend trip cancellation cover benefits to you. This is valid if the necessary proof is available during the claim process to receive financial assistance for non-refundable expenses.

 Difficulties from the Airline

Often, airline companies can delay or cancel trips due to technical difficulties or unexpected financial conditions like bankruptcy. In such situations, with a valid travel insurance policy, travellers can benefit from trip protection insurance.

Here, the insurer will extend all financial support possible to help cover the financial loss from non-refundable expenses of flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

 Visa Delays Or Denial

When travelling to international destinations, a visa is mandatory. However, there can be situations where the visa document is either delayed or denied.

In such situations, with the help of a travel insurance policy that covers trip cancellation, you can easily protect your financial input towards the trip with ample financial support.

 Unforeseen Medical Situations

There can be situations where, right before your travel plan, you have an accident or get severely injured. In such situations, many travel insurance policies provide financial cover to help quickly reimburse the trip expenses.

Please note you must present authentic proof and documentation necessary to be eligible to receive trip cancellation cover.

 Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes cannot be predicted in advance. However, they can greatly impact your travel plans. For such cases, your insurer will cover trip cancellation to recover travel-related expenses.

 Rights of Indian Travellers Under Travel Insurance Cancellation Cover 

 Right For Cancellation Claim

The first and the most crucial right for Indian travellers as part of the travel insurance cancellation coverage is permission to cancel a trip due to unexpected yet impactful reasons covered under the policy.

In such situations, all the travellers have a complete right to receive full reimbursement for any non-refundable expenses done towards the trip.

 Right to Prompt Claim Filing Procedure

All travellers can file for a claim against trip cancellation cover as soon as the situation occurs. They do not have to wait out for the said period before filing for a claim, and the insurance provider will have to assess the claim file as soon as it arrives to help with the financial assistance required.

 Right To Appeal In Case Of Claim Denial

In some situations, trip cancellation insurance coverage might be denied during the filing process. Here, a traveller has the right to appeal the insurance provider’s decision and ask for reassessment for a fair decision.

This right also applies in cases where the settlement claim is not as per the promised cover provision by the insurer. It is a rare occurrence, but every traveller has full right to appeal for unsatisfactory decisions by the insurance provider.


Buying a travel insurance policy for any trip, domestic or international, has become extremely important today. With the right travel insurance policy, you might have to pay less money out of your pocket to cover trip cancellations with no fault of the traveller.

Choose the right travel insurance policy based on your travel plans and destination. Multiple travel insurance plans are available to fit every individual’s requirements.

Always remember to pick a travel insurance policy after carefully reading all the terms and conditions and comparing different plans before making the final decision.

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