Today, the company must no longer content itself with publishing on Facebook or even Instagram. To convince his audience even more, he must add a video marketing strategy to his commercial arsenal. Attention, not just any! A digital marketing video is a skill in its own right, which must be handled professionally to achieve its objectives.

What Is A Marketing Video?

The video marketing strategy by Commercial Video Production Company for example is for companies to create visual content to optimize their online profiles. Generally posted on YouTube or a social network, marketing video production can take several forms.

When done with the help of a video marketing agency, this type of content becomes a powerful tool, capable of conveying the desired message to a relatively large audience.

Why Choose The Video Marketing Strategy For The Company?

Today, marketing video production is advanced enough to allow companies to:

  • Explain their services or products more clearly
  • To make a good return on investment
  • Tailor their video to their business goals
  • To optimize their referencing
  • And above all: to please online video lovers

 What Is The Best Digital Marketing Video Format?

We have identified 5 main marketing video formats to choose from depending on the company’s business objectives.

The Spot

It is undoubtedly the most common format for marketing video production. It lasts 15 or 30 seconds and can be distributed practically on all platforms, both on the internet and television. The spot’s mission is to tell a story quickly to be shared.

The Explanatory Video

Ideal for the company’s home page or its landing page, the explanatory marketing video is generally composed of visual content dressed in a voiceover. Its objective is to inform the public about a good or a service whose use is likely to take time to be understood.

The Demonstration Video

This digital marketing video format aims to present a product or service to the company’s audience. Unlike the explainer video, it focuses on the features, advantages, and benefits of said product or service. It is usually led by a presenter while allowing the company to be creative, for example, by adding animations to capture and hold attention.

Customer Testimonial Video

Who better than satisfied customers to talk about a product or service they are satisfied with to convince new customers? Filmed testimonials are the best format for sharing the passion and enthusiasm of happy customers, and most importantly, they inspire prospects.

The Behind-The-Scenes Video

Videos entitled “Behind the scenes,” centered on the shooting of films, abound on platforms such as YouTube, and the public loves them. This technique should not escape companies, which can also show how their products are developed, manufactured, and distributed. In response, they will indirectly involve their customers, who will feel more invested.

Adapt Your Video Marketing Strategy To Your Business Project

The result must be of professional quality to promote a product, share a vision, or communicate with customers. By choosing a video marketing agency such as Gillespie Productions for example recognized for the quality of its work and its ability to listen, the company manages to publish perfectly calibrated videos to capture the target audience’s attention and develop the brand more dynamically.

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