In addition to all the preparations for a wedding, it is necessary to decide which model of the alliance will represent the couple’s union. The tungsten wedding ring is sophisticated and stylish jewelry that conquers modern couples.

What Is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a grayish-white transition metal known for its high melting point, density, and durability. It is a solid and very hard material. In addition to being used in the manufacture of incandescent lights and aerospace parts, tungsten is also used by the jewelry industry. The jewelry is manufactured from synthesized tungsten carbide and metallic tungsten. Wedding rings are made of this material due to their hardness, which makes the accessory resistant. Furthermore, tungsten can be mixed with other metals, such as gold, and its shine is permanent.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tungsten Alliance

Like all jewelry, the tungsten alliance also has positive and negative points. Check out some of them and decide if it’s worth investing in this material:

The tungsten alliance has several advantages, such as:

It is a material of very high hardness, which is super resistant and does not wrinkle;

It can be plated with other metals, such as silver and gold, and is finished in different colors: black, silver, gold, and rosé;

Tungsten rings are much cheaper than gold models. It is ideal for anyone looking for a cost-effective piece of jewelry;

Tungsten rings don’t need frequent polishing as their shine is long-lasting and they don’t scratch easily or darken.

But the tungsten alliance also has some disadvantages:

Tungsten is a hard and resistant material with Acetylene Sintered Tubemetals, so it is not possible to stretch or cut the ring over time;

Tungsten rings are not the first choice of classic couples. The models tend to be modern, in different colors, and do not follow the tradition of gold rings;

Despite being safe when used as a material in jewelry and lamps, tungsten poses dangers to the environment and can contaminate water, causing health risks to plants, animals, and humans.

Consider what weighs most heavily on you as a couple. It’s a stylish and accessible bet for modern couples, but it may leave something to be desired for those who don’t give up the traditional gold rings.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Remember to write down the ring size before closing the purchase, as tungsten is not malleable. And, if you’re planning to read more, check out these tips on website for choosing the tungsten.

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